“YOU are YOU” but NOT you?.

This post is going to be little scientific, so if you dont like science please…just watch the pictures in my post.

“BIG BANG” where every elements, atoms, molecules born from, ‘EXPLOSION’ that is smaller than full stop to the size of atom even smaller than that. The EXPLOSION occured from the infinite dense pressure point(that is smaller than atom) exploded into the number of atoms and particles that eventually formed stars from that, planet and from that, micro organism and from that, we HUMANS.

No one knows(only from the perspective of human mind) the end of the space, it is just a space where you cant see the start or the END, but it might be there the start and end or not.

There are infinite number of galaxies and stars in the universe which resembles the same proportions and same property of our milky way galaxy, our sun, our EARTH, also us, which means there is other EARTH, where in that earth, there is other you.

For example, you have a dress blue colour also your favourite dress, you can’t claim that it is the only dress unique in the entire world there are dresses that is same, exactly like yours. GOT IT?

Actually you can ask, hey! you can’t say that because you are not scientist, yes I am not but i love the science that is enough to tell you some great info.

Our entire universe is like cluster called “SUPER CLUSTER” it is thought to form a vast web of filaments riddled with enormous voids.

It is how the SUPER CLUSTER be, but not that pink color. But it is how it looks like.

TRUE SCALE of super cluster is unknown it is thought to be infinity where there is no start no end.

And, in that super clusters there are property and proportions that is said to be as same as our milky way galaxy, also same as our EARTH, also same as us, which is us.

If it is like this there are chances that you can exist in the same earth but not the one which you are living now, also we assume that the super cluster size is infinity then there must be identical infinite earth. And more importantly in those infinite earth dimension, all the properties which exist in our earth cant exist there.

For example, we are made of mostly the universal element, like HYDROGEN, OXYGEN, CARBON, NITROGEN, IRON and other some elements. If it is like this then in other earth dimension our body wont be made in these elements.

So if we try to enter into those dimension we can be whatever according to their earth law of chemistry, or physics. You could turn into stone or even fluid jelly we dont know.

BUT, one thing is sure that there are alternate earth where you exist but, you wont be like this in other earth, you can be whatever there are infinite possibilities.

You must be reading my post now, or smiling, or you might be a famous person like celebrity, or if you dont have mustache, you can have there, you can be intelligent also stupid. As I said there are infinite possibilities.

” IF YOU READ THIS ” you’ll lost your mind(WARNING!).

We humans like to think and come to answers and that is the main reason for the humanity and the culture, technology that exist today, suppose we thought to not think of thinking something that fascinate us or if we dont find anything that fascinate us or if you dont fascinate by something that will make us fascinate then you cant read my post or like my post or cant share it NOW! , (please do if you like my post), ok CUT IT OUT! He is mad, that’s what you might thinking right? Tricky and confusing, might be….little mad, ok what I am coming to say is this,

There are many thing that is with answers, but there is somethings that we can get answers! but wont, but there is answer. HOW??


So I am going to tell about paradoxes in time that will sure make you confuse, sit back and enjoy thinking.


Let’s assume you and your brother were twins, your brother is astronaut ready to take off to nearest star named “SHARATH” that is 10 light years away, means the distance that light can travel in 10 years.

Your brother ready to begin journey to that star, BOOMM!! He is in space now travelling through horizon it would take 10 years for him to reach that star and come back, ahaa! one thing I forgot their age is both same 20 years, you who is in earth is watching your brother in space travelling through the horizon all the time.

ok here is the TWIST! which is when that your brother comes back to earth you are the one who became aged, like 30 years for you but the one who came from space his age is only 26, HOW?? that is when you travel through space at the speed of light your time became slow, you in earth your time is constant but your brothers time is slower than yours that’s why you became aged than your brother.


Haa! This is my favorite,

You are a genius now, one day you heard a knock in your door, when you opened it there is a parcel, you dont know who send this? MYSTERY! then you are curious about what is in it, then you opened, there was a book ” HOW TO MAKE TIME MACHINE”, 1st you thought some one was pranking you, after you opened and read that book you realized that this is a real deal, then you began to make time machine.

After some 10 years you succeeded in making time machine after many failure, so you have time machine now, so you decided to go back on time to your younger self and kept that how to make time machine book in front of your younger self house, which is literally your house, then that process rotates, you make time machine go to the past kept that book, again you make time machine go to past kept that book for yourself…., NOW THE QUESTION IS THIS, if you get that book, actually who kept that book, how that book actually exist, who wrote that book, how did you get that book???? THINK DEEEEEEPPPP!!!.

Credit: minion movie.

next paradox is this,

3. THIS SENTENCE IS FALSE, yes this sentence is actually true that, it is false, but this sentence is false also true, hmm! Think again for a second, is that sentece is true or is it false, if it is true that this sentence is false, then it is true that it is false, because it claims to be false, wait! What is going on here? Ok relax, if it is false because it is true it must be false but that sentece is true because it is false…..PARADOX!!.

Credit: up movie …🙏


If you come this far CONGRATULATION! you can endure anything in this world.

This is last paradox that i am going to tell,

Imagine one boy was very poor he hate himself and everything in his life, so he thought it is all due to my grand father that I am poor now so he decided to kill his grandfather going to past, so he created a time machine and gone back to time to kill his grand father before he met his grand mother, he held a gun straight against his grand father then he shot several times but the grand father didn’t died HOW? TWIST! If you killed your grand father before he met your grand mother then you father wont be born also you can’t born to make time machine to kill your grand father, because you cant change future by changing past, past is constant, future is constant you cant change past to see change in future because future wont change by changing past….GOT IT? I think you get or not?

If you are reading my post but there are time that you are not reading my post, there is also times that you are not like you but you are you, but different you, even though you are different but it is the same you but not?.

Answer for this will be in my next post, so bye bye happy thinking.


I am sure you all know what happens if oxygen cut out for 5 seconds if you have read my last post, now again we might wonder what if the oxygen doubled in atmosphere, what are the changes that occur due to increased oxygen, well it is just oxygen nothing will happen, more oxygen more good that’s what you might be thinking.

But BEHOLD! Whatever you might be thinking is absolutely good if it happens but do you know what might happen? If the oxygen doubled in atmosphere, now atmos has 20% oxygen and 78% of nitrogen and 2% carbon dioxide. If oxygen doubled it will be 40% of oxygen now.

Things that would happen is,

CARS! can drive even without any fuel for miles.

Paper plane we used to play during childhood will fly beyond the horizon.

SPIDERS! That will swell like balloons, will be bigger than cat.

Yeah it happens if oxygen doubled in atmospher. Before 300 million years ago our atmosphere contains 30% oxygen so during that period every insects are giant for example, let’s take dragon fly it is small now but before 300 million years it is the size of eagle.

Whatever insect today is small now were bigger 300 million years ago.

Ok it will swell up insects what happens to we HUMANS! the good news is,

Then we could form super hero squad like this.

WE WILL BE SUPER HUMANS!! Yeah you read it right extra oxygen will make us super human.

1. We every human will grow beyond 2 meters means your height will be more than 6.6 to 7 feet.

2. Our IQ will be more than 200, we will be super intelligent because our brain gets more oxygen to function.

3. Our body have neutrophils cells that produce immune system that destroy virus, if we get more oxygen our neutrophils will breath extra oxygen and produce immune systems that can endure any virus in this world.

4. Also our muscles take more oxygen leads to great muscle strength and size, we will be like captain america mutated human. Awesome right?!….but dont get too happy if this wants to happen our human body must have evolved in this type of condition for thousands of years.

Buy that doesn’t happened so if oxygen suddenly doubled it wont be a good news.

Extra amount of oxygen than normal will make us prone to lung disease, lead to oxygen toxicity if we get more than enough oxygen, you’ll lose eyesight, your cells cant multiply to form new cells.

As our atmosphere will became thick it wont let our sunlight to enter, means no evaporation, no rain DRYNESS cover everything.

Salute to the every firefighter in this world🙏.

The substance that cant burn in normal environment will burn like a flare. Even humid green area will burn like hell. Even greater than California forest fire 2018.

Dont try to BURN! match stick you’ll end up burning yourself!.

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So you are living now breathing in and out everyday even if we dont have money, or food or any kind of possession one thing that is abundant and enough for every human is “OXYGEN”. YOU! must have tried for fun how many seconds can you hold the breath mmm! For 30 seconds? Maximum 40 seconds or even more, so losing OXYGEN FOR 5 SECONDS wont do much for us or any living thing right?.

So WHAT? would happen to our external things like for our atmosphere or our environment does these things get affected? Because of no oxygen.

Absolutely the result will be tragic and it’ll lead to the extinction of human race . Curious to know how?

So you are living inside your house made of concrete right? I want to tell you that the binding particles of Concreate is oxygen means oxygen is the reason that your house is stable and rock solid.

Credit: 2012 movie scene

Ok now the oxygen is gone, every building’s, houses, or anything made in concrete in this world will crumble and turn into dust.

And if you are in the beach or roaming outside in the bare sunlight, you’ll get severe sunburn and your body will be exposed to UV Ray’s which is deadly ray not to mention what would happen next.

It is because our ozone which is protecting us from UV and from sunburn is oxygen, ozone is mostly made up of oxygen.

Also all the water in this world disappear and never return because water is made of H2O hydrogen + 2 oxygen atoms so if oxygen gone then the lightest particles hydrogen only remains which means no water.

As we all know oxygen is the reason for the burning of fire in earth!, how do the engines work? due to the combustion process in engine if the oxygen gone car would automatically stop all around the world also look up maybe your house will be crashed by the plane as it’ s engine would also stops. Just telling what might happen, no offence.

Look at the sky how is that beautiful blue sheet, If the oxygen gone the sky would turn dark because,

Before sunlight reaches earth it hits the atmosphere and the light particles get deflected or bounces off by the oxygen in the ozone, only because of this bounce off our sky is looking blue. So no oxygen no blue!.

As I mentioned the extinction of human species right? How would that happen?

Credit: 2012 movie poster

It will because earth crust is made of 45 % oxygen if the oxygen gone earth crust will CRUMBLE! and everyone will free fall to what? The CORE! So every humans even if you survived 5 seconds of oxygen cut we all will die, bye bye humanity.

Well this wont happen NEVER! So chill out and enjoy your life also be grateful for the oxygen you breath now.

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World’s largest desert, driest place in the whole planet, the place not suitable for the human to live, also the dangeroust place on earth, these are the words that define the Sahara great desert. Have you ever wondered why that desert is so big also so dry, the mystery behind this desert is numerous and unexplainable by the scientist till now. WANT TO KNOW WHAT ARE THOSE MYSTERIES? I’ll tell you.

Expanding to the 9 million km wide equal to the size of the USA, This place is known for it’s dryness. But….this place is not like this many thousands of years ago, then how?

Covered with thick grass, domestic grazing at large amount, enriched with rain, fresh rivers, also lively fish, and tress these are the identity of sahara thousands of years ago.

Credit: wikipedia

There is tamanrasset river stretching to the length of 500 km REALLY!….river in sahara?? Yeah

In 2015, 3 dimensional satellite helps to find these traces of rivers along with the trace of one more river ‘the paleo’.

The actual size of lake mega Chad before thousands of years.

There is a lake in central africa the lake ‘mega chad’ now it is small though, but some thousands of years back that lake is the biggest lake in the planet, big as 3,88,500 km wide. Ok close your mouth now, there is more.

Ok if it is filled with green riches back then but what caused it’s dryness? That might be your question right?.

Many scientists claims many reason for that dryness, the recently all the scientist came to the conclusion it is caused due to the tilt in the axis of earth for every 20,000 years, that affected the distribution of sunlight between seasons, resulting less sunlight in summer that affected the monsoon then began “DROUGHT “.

OK want to know more let me tell you what scientist found on that place that even amazed the them do you know what it is.

they found WHALES! remains there also fish, snakes, turtles, crocodiles not bluffing real truth, you can go and search in google but dont do now just let me finish it

Also they found the dinosaur named ‘mansaurasaurus’ I dont know whether the name is right but something like this.

What scientist can’t explain is these dinosaurs are herbivores how did? Or where did they arrive from? Or how these creatures must have lived here is still mystery..

Another mystery is the “EYE OF SAHARA”.


Scientist claimed this round formation formed because of erosion but no erosion in this planet could form like this, then what it is? many are saying this is the place of lost city ‘ATLANTIS’ and it might be the place of alien landing, but the only one who know the truth is the desert itself the ‘SAHARA’.

So what is your thought about this? Guys.


As a child we love to watch ants and to play with ants, also to kill them, well let’s not talk about killing. They are small but dont underestimate them they are far more than what we think. Curious to know, ok I’ll tell you few facts about them after knowing that I swear you see the ants at different perspective.

Let’s go then,

1. There is nearly 10 quadrillion ants in this world means 24 zeros after ten, far more than human populations.

2. You’ll see ants as hard workers working constantly not taking rest not true!!, they do take naps called power naps only for short period.

3. Ant kingdom consist of QUEEN, SOLDIERS, WORKERS. Queen can live upto 5-30 years, lay eggs upto 60,000 at a time, soldiers protect the nest, where workers find food.

Also they nurture ant babies, only queen decides which one is to be worker or soldier.

4. Ant grows fungus inside their home to eat.

5. Ant nest look like this,

Credit: bright side youtube channel.

Consist lot of networks, also there will be rooms for queen to lay eggs, also for babies.

6. Ants communicate through sound, touch, and pheromones(their antennas).

7. Ants can communicate with 12 different sign languages.

8. There are nearly 15000 species of ants.

9. MOST PAINFUL ANT BITE IS FROM!! the BULLET ant said that their bite is the most pain giving bite in the world.

No matter how tough you are this will make you scream. ‘BULLET ANT’

Ok exhausted by those facts, let me tell the last one about a particular ant after hearing this your thought about the ant will change, want to know ?? Ok

The culprit🔍🔍 BULL DOG ANT!

BULL DOG ants in Australia is the venomous ant that killed a person in 15 minutes scary right!. Dont mess with these ants, also if you go to Australia look out for these.

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We all know whales are the biggest mammal in this world, but what fascinate us is why those creatures are so big? Do you guys know? Dont worry I’ll tell you this won’t be like history class.

NEARLY 50 MILLION years ago, the whales are not a whale it is a creature that looks like wolf. Whaaat?? Wolf !, yes it is true these wolf like creatures are carnivores named ‘PAKICETUS’.

1st whale before 50 million years ‘PAKICETUS’

But how did it became so big, because these pakicetus were forced to swim in ocean due to lack of food also because of predators.

These creatures began to spend more time in water, after millions of years due to the change of climate, food habits, also their ecology these creatures evolved their legs into flippers to swim in water easily, ok now they got flippers but how they got so big? The main reason is the ICE AGE! during this age these mammals were forced to eat large amount of food to create a fat around their body to keep them warm.

This is the reason those creatures were enormous. But this evolution haven’t done that easily do you know how many years that it took to PAKICETUS to turn into whale, it took 37,000,000(million) years. Evolution won’t come by the day. Hence they evolved into 80 different species.

This is the reason why these enormous, flat, blobby, mammalian creatures became the only largest creature that exist in this world till this day.


1.Whales are so big bigger than T-rex, the mature african elephant can sit in the whales tongue, and it’s tongue is as equal weight as these african elephant.

2.These creatures need to eat more to build fat to keep them warm, how much do you think these creatures can eat any guess?? Ok I’ll tell it can eat upto 4 tons in single gulp.

3. Also the whale is the noisiest animal produce sound at 200 decibel. Which is loudest than any other animal in this world.

4. Oh got bored! Ok let me tell the last mighty fact, this might be gross but the fact is fact right, if you take all the blood vessels in a whales body and keep it in a straight line it would reach to Pluto from the sun . Yeah that is some gross fact, dont worry no one can do that.

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