Real facts about samurai, that you don’t know.

We all love samurai’s right, they remind us of our childhood days where we hold stick or something and pretending like we are the real samurai. Also samurai’s are popular with cartoons and anime in Japan and their most famous sword ‘KATANA’ who doesn’t know this sword, holding a katana would really make us feel like samurai. But there are things you should know regarding samurai they are not just warriors more than that. Curious? Ok let’s see who they are.



Japan in the middle ages were ruled by an emperor. But governed by military generals called ‘daimyo’,who often fought among themselves. At the head of their armies were some most fearsome warriors named ‘SAMURAI’.

Samurai usually lived at the top of a strictly layered society. While the emperor and their family hold the most respect, samurai controlled wealth and political power of the region. Samurai’s worked for DAIMYO(military generals) and fought in battles for them. Warfare’s were strict on those days starting with exchange of bow shots between generals, followed by volley of arrows from both side, then a single combat between swordsman.


Beign a samurai is not an easy task you must be disciplined in every way. An authentic samurai won’t do anythinf against the law they were good mens. Also samurai’s were loyal towards their master’s, if the master dies in war he himself commit suicide impressive right?

Many people tend to think that samurai’s were great at only fighting but they aren’t, they were also great at poetry, art, ink paintings even arranging flowers they think this as a form of meditation as per the zen buddhism whose teaching they followed.



Samurai favoured hand to hand combat combat using razor sharp swords . Their fighting style depended on nimble movement so their armor had to be light, yeah even though the armour looks heavy they are eventually light you can even do zumba dance with that or whatever you like. Samurai didn’t have any shields they used their swords to block the attack brave right…

FACT TIME: Samurai blades after they made were tested by cut through dead bodies or condemned criminals.


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