We all know whales are the biggest mammal in this world, but what fascinate us is why those creatures are so big? Do you guys know? Dont worry I’ll tell you this won’t be like history class.

NEARLY 50 MILLION years ago, the whales are not a whale it is a creature that looks like wolf. Whaaat?? Wolf !, yes it is true these wolf like creatures are carnivores named ‘PAKICETUS’.

1st whale before 50 million years ‘PAKICETUS’

But how did it became so big, because these pakicetus were forced to swim in ocean due to lack of food also because of predators.

These creatures began to spend more time in water, after millions of years due to the change of climate, food habits, also their ecology these creatures evolved their legs into flippers to swim in water easily, ok now they got flippers but how they got so big? The main reason is the ICE AGE! during this age these mammals were forced to eat large amount of food to create a fat around their body to keep them warm.

This is the reason those creatures were enormous. But this evolution haven’t done that easily do you know how many years that it took to PAKICETUS to turn into whale, it took 37,000,000(million) years. Evolution won’t come by the day. Hence they evolved into 80 different species.

This is the reason why these enormous, flat, blobby, mammalian creatures became the only largest creature that exist in this world till this day.


1.Whales are so big bigger than T-rex, the mature african elephant can sit in the whales tongue, and it’s tongue is as equal weight as these african elephant.

2.These creatures need to eat more to build fat to keep them warm, how much do you think these creatures can eat any guess?? Ok I’ll tell it can eat upto 4 tons in single gulp.

3. Also the whale is the noisiest animal produce sound at 200 decibel. Which is loudest than any other animal in this world.

4. Oh got bored! Ok let me tell the last mighty fact, this might be gross but the fact is fact right, if you take all the blood vessels in a whales body and keep it in a straight line it would reach to Pluto from the sun . Yeah that is some gross fact, dont worry no one can do that.

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