As a child we love to watch ants and to play with ants, also to kill them, well let’s not talk about killing. They are small but dont underestimate them they are far more than what we think. Curious to know, ok I’ll tell you few facts about them after knowing that I swear you see the ants at different perspective.

Let’s go then,

1. There is nearly 10 quadrillion ants in this world means 24 zeros after ten, far more than human populations.

2. You’ll see ants as hard workers working constantly not taking rest not true!!, they do take naps called power naps only for short period.

3. Ant kingdom consist of QUEEN, SOLDIERS, WORKERS. Queen can live upto 5-30 years, lay eggs upto 60,000 at a time, soldiers protect the nest, where workers find food.

Also they nurture ant babies, only queen decides which one is to be worker or soldier.

4. Ant grows fungus inside their home to eat.

5. Ant nest look like this,

Credit: bright side youtube channel.

Consist lot of networks, also there will be rooms for queen to lay eggs, also for babies.

6. Ants communicate through sound, touch, and pheromones(their antennas).

7. Ants can communicate with 12 different sign languages.

8. There are nearly 15000 species of ants.

9. MOST PAINFUL ANT BITE IS FROM!! the BULLET ant said that their bite is the most pain giving bite in the world.

No matter how tough you are this will make you scream. ‘BULLET ANT’

Ok exhausted by those facts, let me tell the last one about a particular ant after hearing this your thought about the ant will change, want to know ?? Ok

The culpritπŸ”πŸ” BULL DOG ANT!

BULL DOG ants in Australia is the venomous ant that killed a person in 15 minutes scary right!. Dont mess with these ants, also if you go to Australia look out for these.

Hey got some knowledge today, stay with infotreeultra to get ULTRA knowledge. Bye bye.


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