World’s largest desert, driest place in the whole planet, the place not suitable for the human to live, also the dangeroust place on earth, these are the words that define the Sahara great desert. Have you ever wondered why that desert is so big also so dry, the mystery behind this desert is numerous and unexplainable by the scientist till now. WANT TO KNOW WHAT ARE THOSE MYSTERIES? I’ll tell you.

Expanding to the 9 million km wide equal to the size of the USA, This place is known for it’s dryness. But….this place is not like this many thousands of years ago, then how?

Covered with thick grass, domestic grazing at large amount, enriched with rain, fresh rivers, also lively fish, and tress these are the identity of sahara thousands of years ago.

Credit: wikipedia

There is tamanrasset river stretching to the length of 500 km REALLY!….river in sahara?? Yeah

In 2015, 3 dimensional satellite helps to find these traces of rivers along with the trace of one more river ‘the paleo’.

The actual size of lake mega Chad before thousands of years.

There is a lake in central africa the lake ‘mega chad’ now it is small though, but some thousands of years back that lake is the biggest lake in the planet, big as 3,88,500 km wide. Ok close your mouth now, there is more.

Ok if it is filled with green riches back then but what caused it’s dryness? That might be your question right?.

Many scientists claims many reason for that dryness, the recently all the scientist came to the conclusion it is caused due to the tilt in the axis of earth for every 20,000 years, that affected the distribution of sunlight between seasons, resulting less sunlight in summer that affected the monsoon then began “DROUGHT “.

OK want to know more let me tell you what scientist found on that place that even amazed the them do you know what it is.

they found WHALES! remains there also fish, snakes, turtles, crocodiles not bluffing real truth, you can go and search in google but dont do now just let me finish it

Also they found the dinosaur named ‘mansaurasaurus’ I dont know whether the name is right but something like this.

What scientist can’t explain is these dinosaurs are herbivores how did? Or where did they arrive from? Or how these creatures must have lived here is still mystery..

Another mystery is the “EYE OF SAHARA”.


Scientist claimed this round formation formed because of erosion but no erosion in this planet could form like this, then what it is? many are saying this is the place of lost city ‘ATLANTIS’ and it might be the place of alien landing, but the only one who know the truth is the desert itself the ‘SAHARA’.

So what is your thought about this? Guys.

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