So you are living now breathing in and out everyday even if we dont have money, or food or any kind of possession one thing that is abundant and enough for every human is “OXYGEN”. YOU! must have tried for fun how many seconds can you hold the breath mmm! For 30 seconds? Maximum 40 seconds or even more, so losing OXYGEN FOR 5 SECONDS wont do much for us or any living thing right?.

So WHAT? would happen to our external things like for our atmosphere or our environment does these things get affected? Because of no oxygen.

Absolutely the result will be tragic and it’ll lead to the extinction of human race . Curious to know how?

So you are living inside your house made of concrete right? I want to tell you that the binding particles of Concreate is oxygen means oxygen is the reason that your house is stable and rock solid.

Credit: 2012 movie scene

Ok now the oxygen is gone, every building’s, houses, or anything made in concrete in this world will crumble and turn into dust.

And if you are in the beach or roaming outside in the bare sunlight, you’ll get severe sunburn and your body will be exposed to UV Ray’s which is deadly ray not to mention what would happen next.

It is because our ozone which is protecting us from UV and from sunburn is oxygen, ozone is mostly made up of oxygen.

Also all the water in this world disappear and never return because water is made of H2O hydrogen + 2 oxygen atoms so if oxygen gone then the lightest particles hydrogen only remains which means no water.

As we all know oxygen is the reason for the burning of fire in earth!, how do the engines work? due to the combustion process in engine if the oxygen gone car would automatically stop all around the world also look up maybe your house will be crashed by the plane as it’ s engine would also stops. Just telling what might happen, no offence.

Look at the sky how is that beautiful blue sheet, If the oxygen gone the sky would turn dark because,

Before sunlight reaches earth it hits the atmosphere and the light particles get deflected or bounces off by the oxygen in the ozone, only because of this bounce off our sky is looking blue. So no oxygen no blue!.

As I mentioned the extinction of human species right? How would that happen?

Credit: 2012 movie poster

It will because earth crust is made of 45 % oxygen if the oxygen gone earth crust will CRUMBLE! and everyone will free fall to what? The CORE! So every humans even if you survived 5 seconds of oxygen cut we all will die, bye bye humanity.

Well this wont happen NEVER! So chill out and enjoy your life also be grateful for the oxygen you breath now.

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