I am sure you all know what happens if oxygen cut out for 5 seconds if you have read my last post, now again we might wonder what if the oxygen doubled in atmosphere, what are the changes that occur due to increased oxygen, well it is just oxygen nothing will happen, more oxygen more good that’s what you might be thinking.

But BEHOLD! Whatever you might be thinking is absolutely good if it happens but do you know what might happen? If the oxygen doubled in atmosphere, now atmos has 20% oxygen and 78% of nitrogen and 2% carbon dioxide. If oxygen doubled it will be 40% of oxygen now.

Things that would happen is,

CARS! can drive even without any fuel for miles.

Paper plane we used to play during childhood will fly beyond the horizon.

SPIDERS! That will swell like balloons, will be bigger than cat.

Yeah it happens if oxygen doubled in atmospher. Before 300 million years ago our atmosphere contains 30% oxygen so during that period every insects are giant for example, let’s take dragon fly it is small now but before 300 million years it is the size of eagle.

Whatever insect today is small now were bigger 300 million years ago.

Ok it will swell up insects what happens to we HUMANS! the good news is,

Then we could form super hero squad like this.

WE WILL BE SUPER HUMANS!! Yeah you read it right extra oxygen will make us super human.

1. We every human will grow beyond 2 meters means your height will be more than 6.6 to 7 feet.

2. Our IQ will be more than 200, we will be super intelligent because our brain gets more oxygen to function.

3. Our body have neutrophils cells that produce immune system that destroy virus, if we get more oxygen our neutrophils will breath extra oxygen and produce immune systems that can endure any virus in this world.

4. Also our muscles take more oxygen leads to great muscle strength and size, we will be like captain america mutated human. Awesome right?!….but dont get too happy if this wants to happen our human body must have evolved in this type of condition for thousands of years.

Buy that doesn’t happened so if oxygen suddenly doubled it wont be a good news.

Extra amount of oxygen than normal will make us prone to lung disease, lead to oxygen toxicity if we get more than enough oxygen, you’ll lose eyesight, your cells cant multiply to form new cells.

As our atmosphere will became thick it wont let our sunlight to enter, means no evaporation, no rain DRYNESS cover everything.

Salute to the every firefighter in this world🙏.

The substance that cant burn in normal environment will burn like a flare. Even humid green area will burn like hell. Even greater than California forest fire 2018.

Dont try to BURN! match stick you’ll end up burning yourself!.

That’s it bye bye. Stay with infotreeULTRA TO KNOW MORE.

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