“YOU are YOU” but NOT you?.

This post is going to be little scientific, so if you dont like science please…just watch the pictures in my post.

“BIG BANG” where every elements, atoms, molecules born from, ‘EXPLOSION’ that is smaller than full stop to the size of atom even smaller than that. The EXPLOSION occured from the infinite dense pressure point(that is smaller than atom) exploded into the number of atoms and particles that eventually formed stars from that, planet and from that, micro organism and from that, we HUMANS.

No one knows(only from the perspective of human mind) the end of the space, it is just a space where you cant see the start or the END, but it might be there the start and end or not.

There are infinite number of galaxies and stars in the universe which resembles the same proportions and same property of our milky way galaxy, our sun, our EARTH, also us, which means there is other EARTH, where in that earth, there is other you.

For example, you have a dress blue colour also your favourite dress, you can’t claim that it is the only dress unique in the entire world there are dresses that is same, exactly like yours. GOT IT?

Actually you can ask, hey! you can’t say that because you are not scientist, yes I am not but i love the science that is enough to tell you some great info.

Our entire universe is like cluster called “SUPER CLUSTER” it is thought to form a vast web of filaments riddled with enormous voids.

It is how the SUPER CLUSTER be, but not that pink color. But it is how it looks like.

TRUE SCALE of super cluster is unknown it is thought to be infinity where there is no start no end.

And, in that super clusters there are property and proportions that is said to be as same as our milky way galaxy, also same as our EARTH, also same as us, which is us.

If it is like this there are chances that you can exist in the same earth but not the one which you are living now, also we assume that the super cluster size is infinity then there must be identical infinite earth. And more importantly in those infinite earth dimension, all the properties which exist in our earth cant exist there.

For example, we are made of mostly the universal element, like HYDROGEN, OXYGEN, CARBON, NITROGEN, IRON and other some elements. If it is like this then in other earth dimension our body wont be made in these elements.

So if we try to enter into those dimension we can be whatever according to their earth law of chemistry, or physics. You could turn into stone or even fluid jelly we dont know.

BUT, one thing is sure that there are alternate earth where you exist but, you wont be like this in other earth, you can be whatever there are infinite possibilities.

You must be reading my post now, or smiling, or you might be a famous person like celebrity, or if you dont have mustache, you can have there, you can be intelligent also stupid. As I said there are infinite possibilities.

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