You can also become super chill.

Marcus aurelius, Rome emperor.

When we get into trouble, or if we came across the hardest part of life, when things that dont follow the way we thought to be, we tend to get depressed and there will be great war inside everyone of us.

BUT…the person who follow STOIC principle won’t get affected by the outward conflict, he will always remain calm and collected whatever the conflict be against him.

Credit: ted ed YouTube channel.

STOICISM, was started by the one named ‘ZENO’ OF CYPRUS’ around 300 BC, he is a wealthy merchant until he lost his ship in Athens.

After that he didn’t have much to do, so he wandered many library and read the books of socrates(who is the great philosopher of greece) and he started to search for philosophers to learn about their teachings.

When he became educated, he started his own type of philosophy called ‘STOICISM’ and that is followed even till this day.

Famous person like Nelson Mandela who gone to prison for protesting against racial discrimination, in jail he read and followed the teachings of stoic written by marcus aurelius great Roman emperor book called, “THE MEDITATION”.

Stoic believed that every action have it’s own causes and it forms like web that is called LOGOS.


While you are pursuing, self improvement or want to be the coolest person keep in mind the four principles:


Wisdom helps you to overcome any conflict with braveness also with a clear mind. So attaining wisdom is the first step.


Temperence means controlling your feelings or thought. Not getting too much excited or too much anger being still in relaxed state, because if you dont have temperence you can easily get affected by the outside conflict.


Justice means knowing what is right and what is wrong. If everyone is following the wrong path it doesn’t mean that is right path.


It means facing any conflict with the braveness. That we should have courage to do what fears us.


These 4 are the main thing you should always attain as per the stoic principle.

Attaining stoic state is impossible but following stoic is possible.

If you are really interested you can search in google how to attain stoic state or how to follow stoicism. I haven’t said how to follow stoicism because it would be so long you’ll get easily bored.

If you are really interested GO ON GUYS! it is worth making it as a habit.


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