Have you guys ever wondered getting into the real video game and trying out the every power that we have in that game world, did you? I did wondered many times.

This is the type of video game that we played some fifty years ago. Ah classic I love the classic.

But this is how we are playing now also tomorrow ‘VIRTUAL REALITY’, means reality game but not the real one.

But I am going to tell you guys about one thing that will let you wonder till you go to sleep today.

It is a theory ‘SIMULATION THEORY’.

Compare the video game from today to the late 1980’s video games tremendous improvement in both the video game technology and the computing power of computer right?

Now think like this, after some thousands of years we humans will be much more advanced species with some infinite computing power technology system.

Now they(advanced humans) decided that, ‘hey how about creating a video game’. So now they created a world (game world), with their infinite super power computer which means they can make anything with their computer like, characters, world, universe, galaxy or anything it is their will but only inside their computer.

Which means they can also create a human character like us by giving the power of free will which means the character inside the game can do anything they want, that is limited by the character’s power of thinking.

So as per this ‘SIMULATION THEORY’ there are chances that we humans, might be those character that is created by our advanced version of humans after thousands of years.

Which means we are living inside a virtual game world without even knowing.

I know what you are thinking it is impossible right?. But the famous entrepreneur ‘Elon musk’ and my favorite and most famous astrophysicist ‘neil degrasse tyson’ are saying that, ‘we might be living in a virtual universe created by our advanced version’.

If it is true everything around is just a programmed version of binary digits. Also we wont believe that we are just a simulation characters because that’s how we are programmed to believe.

Also that might be the reason we can’t explore more in this universe, cant exceed the speed of light. Because if we do these things we might find them, which they dont want us to.

So now it must have entered your mind and you must be wondering what is real. Well, nothing is real we are just programmed to believe that everything is real.

So everything from starting ‘THE BIG BANG’ to the ‘EARTH’ which is now rotating is all just a mere programmed environment and sequences by our future one. So nothing is real only if the ‘ SIMULATION THEORY ‘ is true.

Wait then there is also chances that, they might have programmed the corona virus in our world, because they must be bored also to see what we human character will do to eradicate this virus. Cruel! Not for them it is their game.

But do you guys believe that we are simulations or a real thing?

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  1. This post is very interesting, and if we look at it with attention, there is a direct correlation with how people date each other today.

    The key point for me is here: “So now it must have entered your mind and you must be wondering what is real. Well, nothing is real we are just programmed to believe that everything is real.”

    Have a lovely week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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