“THE GREAT FILTER”(Are we alone or not?)

The observable universe that human can observe is 90 billion light years(distance that light can travel in 90 billion years). And our whole universe age is 13 billion years.

Our galaxy “MILKY WAY” which is just a part of local group(it is a kind of group where our galaxy is one of them) and milky way galaxy is so big.

It contains billions of stars with billions of planet, also millions even billions of habitable planet. There are many things that we haven’t discovered yet in the milky way galaxy itself.

Also it is impossible for us to discover beyond the local group cluster where our milky way galaxy is in.

Because even if we travel at the speed of light( no one can travel at the speed of light) it would take roughly millions years to get out of the milky way.

Earth is just 4 billion years, as our universe is 13 billion in age there are many chances that before a few billion years habitable planet might be born and filled with life.

If it is filled with life there can be three types of civilization.


That is us, using the resources in the planet to survive.


The species that can harness the power of their own sun.


The species that can take over the entire galaxy and can use every resource in it.

But if these kind of civilization available there, why we haven’t discovered any of them yet.


As per this paradox, there appears two chances


As per this point, our universe would be the roughest place for the life to emerge. And unfortunately we might be the only one in this whole universe.


As per this point, our universe or even our galaxy(milky way) will be filled with life forms everywhere, but it get destroyed, when it reaches the certain point( like the death of dinosaur species)

Or maybe one civilization that can harness the power of whole universe are monitoring other planets, when the other planets get advanced enough they will be eliminated in instant.

There can be awesome species but they cant sense us in this vast vacuum filled universe. Or our technology is way more old for them to detect or for us to detect them time has the solution though.

Earth’s 99% of species were destroyed in past only 1% is us and the other species that is living among us now. Or we are near to the extinction.

Or the alien with so advanced technology may have evolved in past before the humans species started to evolve in the earth.

You know our earth is just a newbie to the galaxy, before our earth formed there exist a advanced alien species for billion of years, when earth began to tame with life they tend to get destroyed eventually like the earth did for dinosaurs.

Type 3 civilization would be like this.

Or maybe there are alien species every where in this galaxy but havent reached the technological advancement to sense us they might be wondering like, ‘is there any other species out there like us’.

Guys this fermi paradox is little complicated for me to know fully so I haven’t finished this post yet. I will continue this in the part two.

So stay safe and wonder where are the aliens? They can be out there or not? Or they might be living among us.


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