The conclusion.

The great filter which will be an end?

The great filter.

There is roughly 10,000 stars for every grain of sand in this earth in observable universe.

So there will be other life supporting planets in this observable universe.

BUT! where are they?



As I said already, Earth is just a newbie to this universe only 4.6 billion years have passed.

We humans have spent only 2,50,000 years till now.

Only a decades back , we managed to get technological advancement to observe the universe to great distance.

THERE, might be grand alien empires in this vast universe.

The alien.

Earth’s 90% of species is already destroyed. Only 10 % is us who knows we might end up with the same fate sooner or later.

Before we humans even evolved there might be advanced alien species developed across this universe.

The alien.

They might have visited us in past and said, ‘this wet planet species is dumb next one’. This might be their word.

The truth is we dont know anything, only a decades back we managed to sent rocket to the moon. Even till now we have not crossed our own solar system. Voyager 2 only this space traveler have managed to go beyond the pluto(not a planet) but can’t succeeded in moving beyond that.

Only thing we can do now is only wait till a new grand technology emerge, we know that even if there emerge a grand tech that allow us to do interstellar travel. We wont be there to see but our generation will be I guess.

THE CONCLISION IS, we are just a baby in the embryo to this universe there is a long way to go. So now we cant do anything only to wonder where are the aliens.


That’s all folks…

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