The future of human civilization.

In this post you guys will know about what is dyson sphere and the answer for, can we do it?

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Thousands and millions of years ago we humans started to use energy in the form of muscles.

Then fortunately also accidentally we discovered fire, and with that fire we began to evolve. Then we used coal and wood as a main sources of energy which is inefficient.

And now, gust of wind, raging rivers, and shattering atoms(nuclear power) – these are some of the things we use to make electricity and our main source of energy and we are now pretty good at using renewable resources.

Further if we dont destroy ourselves in the coming future generation we could use and control the whole resources available in earth.

But we humans have particularly interest in exploring more in space.

For that if we decided to build a space ship to travel in the space void to explore the mystery, we want more resources, means enormous not with the existing earth resources we could power the space ship then?

Answer is in the sky, yes the sun is the answer. SUN enormous energy provider. Giving out the power of trillion nuclear bomb per second.

You might think that it might be a solar panel no it is not, it is old but efficient though, we could only get small amount of energy from that.


Dyson sphere

The mega structure that cover the whole sun itself, and harnessing the every energy of sun directly by getting into it’s orbit.

If we could do that we are not merely planetary species but a species that could master the science of interstellar travel(space travelling).

Dyson sphere

DYSON SPHERE is not a right design, any imperfection in that sphere could make that whole sphere collide in to the sun. DYSON SWARM! would do.

DYSON SWARM means building a huge quantity of mirrors that can absorb the power of sun by making it orbit around the sun! That’s it.

I said huge quantity, but how many mirrors it require, because our earth is way smaller than sun we need to build 30 quadrillion mirrors that could orbit the sun.

Is it possible? Yeah! but we can’t do this in earth, largely we need to disassemble a planet itself! Yes, planet, not ours though.

Let’s use the planet mercury closest to the sun also more rich in metal and it got no atmosphere easy to launch materials into the orbit of sun

Note: every work is done by machines and robots not by humans

So we got the base, our mirror should work for millions of years also it should be cheap.

There are 4 stages in creating that mirrors and launching it into the space.

  • Solar collectors.
  • Miners.
  • Refiners.
  • Launching station.

Solar collectors, let’s say deploying over a sq kilometer of traditional solar panels that could power the miners who could mine the valuable elements to create a mirror swarm, then we should be ready with launching them into the sun’s orbit. Rocket is not effective hard to reuse let’s get creative here.

We can use railgun that is electromagnetic tunnel that could shoot the tight packed mirror into the space once it is in it’s sun’s orbit it would unfurl like a peacock(now the full mirror) and collect the sun’s power and beam that to the station powering them to build more and launch, this process continuous.

And with the power of existing mirrors in the orbit we could finish 30 quadrillion swarm mirrors in 10 years.

Should look for overload of power from the sun or it would destroy us easily.

Even though if we couldn’t build huge 30 quadrillion amount of swarm mirrors, it is okay.

Even 1% of sun’s power could make us a interstellar species and the sun would be there for another billion years. So if we can successfully harness the power of sun through the DYSON SWARM our world would easily turn into technological heaven where there is no use for fossil fuels so no pollution.

Dyson sphere

But is this possible? It is easy and possible as per our physics.

only possible if the whole world unite to make this project successful.

Will that happen?


Thank you for reading stay with INFOTREEULTRA to know more.

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