Twinkling stars.

How the stars are born? The real truth!.

Universe and space.

Sitting at your garden, or sitting in a place where you can enjoy the sky with millions of stars twinkling in the night, especially, I love to watch millions of stars twinkling and it is a different world for me when I began to enjoying a star view.

Hope, you guys have the same feeling, coming to the point, one day when I was watching millions of stars suddenly a question struck in my mind.

How the stars are born?, is it in a mysterious way? these are my question and good news is I managed to discover the answer and I m here to tell you guys, what is the answer, so let’s go,

Unimaginable way,

The space and the universe is boundless which means it got no end and infinitely big, it is the sole home for trillions of stars and for every second billions of stars are born and billions of stars are dying.

Stars are born from a dust cloud( mostly hydrogen) that is free floating in the space, when something that triggers or disturbs those cloud then the formation of stars begin.

The triggered cloud get pulled by their own gravity into a tighter clumps and form into a protostar, A small star that’s how it begins with.

Proto star begin to attract every ounce of cloud that is in the sourrounding and develop a high temperature, density, and pressure at the centre for the development of whole star.

Growing mass at the center of the proto star makes the star to spin like a hurricane cloud and when every dust cloud is used, the proto star’s core became so hot and dense.

Blue giant star.

It is now the nuclear fission begins, the hydrogen at the core begin to do nuclear fission and turn hydrogen into helium which produces light and the star starts to shine, and most importantly because of outward gravity and inward squeezing of the star, it remains in the round shape.

It is how our sun forms, and the remains of our sun is our planet and us. But interesting fact is there won’t be no sound in this formation of stars because sound can’t travel in space. It will be dead silent and It is the best part though.


Credit: looney tunes.

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