Black death.

Is there anything worse than corona?

Black death.

There was a time in history, that were considered as black day to many people in that era. This disease is worse than corona because it’s symptoms was related to corona but it’s effect on people during those days were cruel.

This is “BLACK DEATH”.

Actually black death is not global pandemic, but it killed half of the population of europe.

This death which came from Asia to Europe and killed 20 million people in Europe reducing their population as one out of four, this was a kind of dress worn by the one who treat the persons who were infected,

Black death.

It was transmitted by rats to the humans hence, getting rid of rats are very hard during those days that paved the way to the widespread of this “BUBONUC PLAGUE“(real name of black death).

The primary method of treatment for “BLACK DEATH” is isolation just like the Corona.

This happened during 14th century and considered as the worst pandemic outbreak in the human history.

Symptoms were swelling of lymph nodes in the lungs making it hard to breath for the victim.

Fact: ‘pandemic’ word means (pan+demos) in greek referring to “all people”.


Credit: looney tunes.

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