Cosmic queries: WHAT IS DARK ENERGY?

Will it be the end of the universe?.

Dark energy.

Guys, This post will give you answer about what is dark energy and will it end the universe?

It all started in 1929, Edward Hubble( observer of galaxies ) was doing his every day research on galaxies and stars, suddenly he noticed that light from the galaxy he is watching becames reddened.

Actually, when a light from the distance object becames red means, the object where the light is coming from is moving away, light tend to get reddened when it stretches.

So he came to the conclusion that, universe is expanding which means space is getting big every second.

And recently scientist have noticed that, stretching of space is happening in a faster way, which is not a good news.

Because, scientists were not able to say why the galaxies are moving away, or the space is stretching, some kind of energy that is opposite to the gravity itself is doing this job.

But, they don’t know what kind of energy is moving the galaxies away, so they named it as,


We don’t want to fear about this “Dark Energy” it won’t kill us but there are possibilities that, this will put an end to the universe and space.

Dark Energy can kill space in 3 ways:




These will happen if this “Dark Energy” really exist. And the outcome of this Dark Energy is bad and good news to the universe.


This, happens when this ‘Dark Energy’ becames stronger than gravity, usually gravity tend to attract object, more the size of an object in the universe more will be the force of gravity. But this ‘Dark Energy’ work in an opposite way.

Rather than attract object this ‘Dark Energy’ make every object in the universe move away, so if this ‘Dark Energy’ gets stronger than gravity then objects in the universe can’t bind by the gravity eg: stars and planets, our Sun and our Earth.

Result, every atom, particles, molecules that make stars, and galaxies will rip a part and turn to a mere particle(only particles no more planets and stars).

That won’t bind again to form stars, or galaxies it will float endlessly in the timeless universe.

This is the first way to kill the universe.


This scenario happens when, because of ‘Dark Energy’ instead of ripping a apart of every particles or atoms, the atoms and particles will stay intact but gives out the radiation, it is due to entropy.

Entropy refers to, for example: you are having a dairy milk in your hand what will happens if you keep that chocolate for a long time in your hand.

It melts right, that is entropy every object in the universe or earth tend to deconstruct or decompose overtime, it takes thousands or millions of years but at last everything turns to dust.

That is what Heat death means overtime everything in the universe turns to dust and vanish.

3. At last, The big crunch:

This happens in this kind of scenario, if the power of ‘Dark Energy’ tends to get slower due to the time, then the gravity takes it’s place as you know gravity tends to attract things,

So if the gravity becames more powerful than ‘Dark Energy’ it attracts everything until every galaxies and stars and everything you name it,

Meet at the one point at the centre and turn into a giant big extreme monster Black hole which gulps! Everything even the universe then atlast it destroys itself.

Then there would be nothing in the space actually there won’t be space, and it is now the Big Bang happens, again the universe will born and perish, born and perish it happens lot of time again and again.

And it will happen forever!.


That’s it folks!


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