A man from the unknown country taured?

Parallel universe mysterious story.

A man from taured.

Ok, guys this post is going to be a story of a man who travelled from the unknown country called Taured.

To know what is parallel universe click this link, https://wp.me/pca3x0-o.

And we all know there is no country like Taured, but he claims that he is from that country, well I’ ll tell you what exactly happened.

One day in the usual morning on tokyo airport, 1956, a man who looked more casual in suit with a suitcase showed his passport in check-in process,

Until now, nothing strange happened. when he gave his passport to the officer there he saw, the officer noticed a unusual thing in the that.

His passport is not like any other that is printed and coloured in our world, that had an unusual sign, colors, numbers that the officer didn’t recognized in any other passport.

Also it stated that he is from the country named Taured.

World map.

Officer asked him, “sir, from which country are you from” that question made that man in a suit to look officer in a disgusting way and he says boldly, “I am from the country Taured” and it didn’t seemed like he is lying.

Then those officers took him to a separate room and asked questions like, “can you show me where this country called Taured in this map” he pointed that country in a place called Andorra, that is now in Europe, and he can’t find where his country is.

He said that, “it is strange my country taured is 1000 years old and also the richest country in the world” he didn’t seemed to be lying now also.

Alone in forest.

In addition, he even says that, he came here before several times for his company meeting, and for the proof his passport also shows that he travelled many times to this country Japan before.

He also said the name of the company but the company said, they didn’t know who he is. First the officers thought he might be some kind of criminal or terrorist, then after several times they questioned him, they didn’t suspected anything unusual with this man.

All the time, he is only saying true.

officers be like this.

Confused officers thought this would be alright in the morning so they kept him in a hotel room with two officers for security.

First thing on the morning, one of the officers opened the room, to their surprise he vanished with no trace, and the police said that they haven’t slept that night,

And they were watching the hotel room for whole night. What happened? Then. Until today no one knows what happened.

And many claims that he is from PARALLEL UNIVERSE! Or accidentally entered into our world.

I know guys, this story seems unreal and just a story, but there are reports that this incident happened back in 1956, Japan.

So guys, do you believe in parallel universe?


Credit: looney tunes.

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