Piranah is the most ferocious fish predator and,

What will happen if you swallow piranha? Not what you think.

Hi guys, this week we are going to see many possibilities of what if questions.

( To know what is piranah click this site named KNOWHAT, https://wp.me/pca3x0-J.)

So, as a first post, I choose this question what if you swallow the piranah?

This question came to my mind…..just randomly cause I used to think so much, ok coming to the point.

What do you guys think, who will die first, you or that fish? Well first let me clearly tell you about the scenario ok.

Piranah fishes mostly lives in the Amazon fresh water, and many people got this thought that, piranah is so much ferocious and it will eat anything and make you skeleton on seconds.

As a fact, that is true but not fully

Piranah fishes when they are alone they are like an ordinary fish. They’ll be scared a lot when it is alone.

But, when it is in group or pack, now don’t underestimate this fishes, they tend to show so much amount of aggressiveness. Like a hyena when it is in pack even lions will fear them.

Aggressiveness of piranah happens mainly due to two factor,

  • Starvation.
  • Due to over heat in summer days.

Yes, piranah is not all time monster, when they don’t get enough food they hunt in pack.

As a fact, a huge pack of piranah can eat the whole buffalo fully without any trace in 10 minutes, only if it doesn’t had food for long time.

And, while in summer usually water level will reduce and these fishes directly exposed to the sun, so what will happen?

As the temperature in water increases the aggressiveness of that piranah will also increase a lot they even hunt their own species in some cases.

So, if you gulp! Piranah which is in aggressiven mode, don’t worry you wont die, the piranah will die off when it fell into your stomach juices,

Which is dilute hydrochloric acid, it is pretty tough for a fish to survive in that acid.

But, what if that doesn’t reached your stomach, it got stuck in your throat itself then, absolutely you will die also that poor piranah.

Does it really make sense?

No one will try swallowing a living piranah, but…..there are many who have tried and died, let’s not talk about them.

But it is sure piranah fishes are so tasty to eat, anyone tried? Let me know in the comments section.

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Credit: looney tunes.

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