What if you spend your life as a frog in a tropical rain forest?

Red eyed tropical frog.

Hi guys, as a part of our what if weekday I found this interesting question, what if you spend your life as a frog in tropical forest? Actually I love frogs personally so that’s why I came up with this question.

Before reading this post, I want you friends to plug your earphone and listen to this tropical rainforest sound and relax, so that you can get the fell of my post.

So, hope you enjoyed this beautiful pleasant sound.

Before entering into the topic, I want you guys to know about the tropical rain forest and the life that roam in that wet forest.

Tropical rainforest the heaven.

Rain forest.

Let’s take Amazon rainforest as an example, forest named after the great Amazon river. Covering an area as big as Australia.

Amazon forest is the tropical rainforest were there will be rain throughout the whole year and the sourrounding environment will be always filled with humidity.

High evergreen trees soaring up to the sky, where the land will be rich in green plants and bushes, because of this wet environment plants and trees will never become dry.

Also, it is the most ideal place for the animal species to live as compared to this whole world.

Species like frogs, iguana, leopard, snakes, monkey, and millions of insects lives in this water dripping environment.

And, the scientists were still discovering many new species in this kind of forest.

Fact: atleast half of all plants and animal species on Earth live in tropical rainforest.

There is no dry season in this forest.

Ok Now, I want you to think that, what if you became a frog in this tropical rain forest? How will be your life?

Red eyed frog.

1. Your life began.

First, you will start your life in a jelly covered egg with your thousands of siblings under the water where frogs usually lay eggs.

In this stage you will just asleep you don’t know anything that happens around you where there are large predators like insects waiting to eat you.

Predators like waterboatman which is an insect, and fishes will be your main predators.

If there is a thousand eggs only some hundreds will survive and fortunately you’ll became the one in that hundred.

Survived eggs will go through metamorphosis(life cycle of frog is named as metamorphosis) and became tadpoles and then atlast you’ll be a tiny frog(froglet).

After 1 year you’ll become an adult frog and will be ready for the adventure.

As a frog there will be a plenty of predators waiting to eat you, so don’t roam in the land during the daytime get into the water quickly!

As an amphibian you are gifted with two homes, in water and in land, you can breathe through your skin if you are in water. Don’t need to come to the top for air.

Let’s make this interesting,

Most powerful weapon.

What if you were more special like with bright skin and beautiful patterns surrounded your moist body.

It is good for you because, these bright colors are the one which warn predators that you are dangerous. Like this one,

Poison dart frog.

So, you can roam around anywhere no one will dare to touch you.

Time to eat!.

Hungry! Ok then,

As a frog your main prey will be a small insects.

But, there are some frogs that can eat reptiles as well as mammals.

But, you are not like that, you are just a tiny frog with poison packed skin.

Mostly frogs like you will hunt during night time to avoid disturbances and some unwanted predators.

With big eyes you can see well in night time,not even a problem right?

And Frog’s will only catch prey only while it is moving, in this case you are dumb (no offence guys just telling). Because you don’t consider a prey as a prey when it is not moving, now you get it right?.

What is your age?.

And talking about your life span,

Impressively you can live upto 10 to 12 years. But most frogs not even complete these 12 years.

Only predator that can catch you.

The only predator that can catch you without killing them, who will that be?.

Yes, the humans! when you were spotted by humans no way you could escape if he was intended to catch you.

I am saying about tribe men’s who will be living in the Amazon forest without seeing the outer world for centuries. They are the one who will use poison dart frog which is you now! for their hunting purpose.

So, your dooms day happens when you meet those tribe men’s who will take you to extract poison from your body by killing you, only for their arrows. Where they will apply your poison on that arrow to kill other animals.

Only these humans could kill you.

So, goodbye froggy.


That’s all folks.

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Reference: National Geographic book.


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