What if you were let alone in the JURASSIC era? Can you survive?.

Jurassic period
Credit: JURASSIC park movie poster.

What if you got trapped in the JURASSIC era? This question got in my head when I was watching JURASSIC park movie yesterday and i have found the answers and probable scenario of how it would be.

So, before reading I want you guys to put your headphones go to your most comfortable place, relax and feel this sound track of JURASSIC ambience.

How is that scary right? I prepared this whole post just by listening to this sound track.

It is like a real experience! So, let’s go.

Standing in the kingdom of epic monsters.

I want you to imagine like this, you are alone in the deep forest of JURASSIC period.

Credit: Flickr.

You will see around everywhere, you can only witness thick green bushes and trees that you can’t find in today’s Earth, because those are extincted one.

Insects are squirming and you hear every strange sounds made by the extincted insects and species.

Stunned by the beautiful sourrounding and by those strange sounds, suddenly you heard an unfamiliar sounds!.

Yes! The sounds of giants lived 65 million years ago the Dinosaurs.

Those sounds sent a fear bell towards your spine your legs began to shake and heart began to pump like an engine.

You started to run in fear, after some time you found a safe place under the tree you thought it would be safe but,

It’s not, during dinosaurs era oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is higher than the oxygen level in Earth today!.

So every small insects that creep in our world now is so big in this era.

Spiders will be the size of a basketball and centipedes will be the size of adult cat.

If you met with one of those in that damp area just ran away or it will kill you for sure.

You! again ran, ran for hours totally exhausted now! You saw a pond full of fresh water, by lowering your head you began to drink that sweet water.

(In those days, I don’t want to tell you about the freshness of the water.)

Suddenly you noticed something in front of you, in a confused way you saw what it is, that is sauropod.

Considered as the largest creature on earth till today, bigger than blue whale which is now the biggest creature.

Sauropod the mighty creature:


Sauropod the plant eater supported its immense weight which is upto 60 ton by it’s for pillar like legs just like Elephants.

Also it had long neck that is equally supported by their huge thick tail.

Stay away from this creature, even though it looks non-harming it’s tail is so strong that it can break the sound barrier with one swing. Just stay away!.

Then don’t know what happened, those creature which is drinking water looks scared and ran away.

You also don’t know what happens, then you noticed, the ground began to shake and the water began to vibrate (just like in the JURASSIC park movie).

There emerge from the thick bushes by bending huge trees the Tyrannosaur rex.

The Tyrannosaur rex:


The most fearful creature that terrified the Earth for almost 3 million years.

The perfect predator armed with massive jaws with the most powerful bite than any living creature in Earth till today. That could crush the solid bone easily.

Tyrannosaur rex popular in JURASSIC park movie, was born with killer instinct, it was designed most specially for killing.

It weighed as much as african adult elephant.

60 the number of tenths in T rex.

28 years the age of a dinosaurs known as “sue” the biggest Tyrannosaur rex to be exhibited so far.

It’s length is upto 12.4 m(40 ft).

There is no other chance than running away from this creature, but there is an advantage for you even though T rex is strong it can ran so fast it’s top speed is just 27 km/h.

You can outrun them easily average human can easily exceed 30 km/h…..after running for a while you noticed that Trex is not behind you anymore.

Phew! Great relief but your problem is just started now. Look around you are in the open green meadow where you can see many herbivore dinosaurs eating their break fast( the grass and leaves).

You saw marginocephalians, orthinopods, thyreophorans these are some herbivore dinosaurs which commonly grazed the land.

You just astonished by its beauty and majesty, but something flew above right now! Shadow just like a small plane, What’s that….

It’s pterosaur flying warm blooded reptile, if you stand there in that open land where it can spot you easily, your end might happen so again go to the thick green flora filled bushes and trees.

The ancient plane:

Credit: Etsy.com

Fossil remains says that pterosaur was the size of a small plane with an amazing wingspan of 12m(39 ft).

Staying away from this biological plane is a great idea.

Again you are in that tropical forest(dinosaurs era environment is warm and wet just like tropical rain forest now).

Don’t know what to do you wandered, and not so late you noticed those bushes in front of you were shaking you realized that something is coming in your way oh! Come on again what?

The velociraptor.

The Velociraptor:

Credit: deviant art.

This fearsome dinosaur lived nearly 70 to 75 million years ago, weighing average 80 kg this light weight monster is a fast runner during that period.

Can reach upto 70 km/h and it usually hunt in packs so if you spot a velociraptor somewhere you should know that they are not alone, but you are.

You can even escape from the great T rex but from this monster your escape rate is just not more than zero.

But by the time they saw you, they rushed towards you but, suddenly they fled with fear.

Do you know why? Because some bigger predator is coming in their way and unfortunately you are in their way, which means that bigger predator is coming towards you.

And that is the T rex which missed you back then, this time you can’t escape, it got you perfectly and you can’t run away because your fear is not making you to move, your leg became numb.

It’ll get you like this,


That’s it your end,…..wait! Have you thought of good ending, how can you think like that it is not a movie.

There is no chance that a human can survive in JURASSIC era, even Tarzan dies in seconds.

This is the perfect ending.


That’s it folks.

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