Bring your wings and fly.

What if you had a wings like a bird? Can you fly or not?.

Bald eagle of USA

Birds are the one which can control the air and make it use for flying.

No animal can match the speed, agility, flexibility, and endurancy while flying in the air like a bird.

Those are the qualities that have been used and evolved during millions of years.

1. Fast.

Birds can fly faster, the fastest speed recorded by a bird in the level flight is 76 km/h.

Birds like swift with its pointed wings it could fly fast and quick, with it’s adavantageous small body.

2. Endurancy.

Birds have lot of endurancy in flying, helping them to fly thousands of kilometers.

As an unbelievable fact, Artic tern can migrate to the distance of 70, 900 km each year.

3. Agility.

Birds are also known for it’s agility and skills that it can do in mid air.

For example, birds like kingfisher, nectar-feeding humming bird have the ability to hover in mid air, which means it can fly still in one place.

Humming bird.

Like in the above picture, because it beats it’s wings like more than 50 times in a second, to sip the nector or to eat some insects.

Now, the important question is this, can we really fly like a bird if we got wings in the place of our arms?.

Before answering this I want you to understand that how the birds are able to fly like this and their unique features.


Birds have a unique physical structure that help them to fly.

1. Hollow bones.

Birds have a hollow bones(bones have lot of holes in between) which makes them lighter to lift off from land and to fly high in air.

To know more about Hollow bone click my other link,

2. Strong chest muscle.

Birds are able to beat its wings in that rapid and powerful manner only because of its flight muscle in the chest.

These flight muscles are attached to their wing bone and supported with keel bone(which help them to beat its wings) so fast.

3. Tail.

And, tail which help them to control their movements in air also crucial for landing working as an air brake.


If you had a wing to the size of your arm can you fly?.

In fact, it is impossible for us to fly with a wingspan to the size of our arm.

King Fisher.

Because, as I mentioned birds are very light that’s why it is flying. So if you need to fly you should loose lots of weight also should have hollow bones as I mentioned earlier to make you lighter.

Or you want to have a big wingspan like some 10 m or more to take off from land with your weight.

Also you want to have a tail attached to your spine which gives you balance while flying also it helps to land.

4. Energy to fly.


Even if we are able to fly, how much time we can spent in air?.

With our metabolism we can’t fly longer in the sky. Humans don’t have that much endurancy to fly for a long time.

That’s why you might have noticed that birds always looks for food to eat, because it want’s lot of energy to find food and to feed it’s baby if it has.

This the reason why it is impossible for a human to fly like a bird even if we gifted with wings.

Only way to fly like a bird is to became a bird itself, if that happens flying is possible. Which is impossible to transform into a bird.

Maybe future humans might have some kind of device for us to fly like a bird which is yet to come.


That’s it folks. Thank you for reading.

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