Times that shaped the Earth into human dominant place.


Earth is a small, blue not so spherical ball in the solar system it is the only planet that we know the life could support.

We humans evolved only with the luck, before us there are many millions of years that is ruled by other species. We are just a newbie to this Earth.

There are number of period’s that lead to the evolution of mammalian creature which is us now.

So, I m going to tell you what are those.

1. Cambrian period.

During this period, life on earth have evolved from single celled Eukaryotes from complex varieties of creatures on ocean.

So our ancestors are scientifically a fish.

They had developed shells over their body to protect themselves from harsh environment.

A creature during cambrian period,

Cambrian era species.

2. Ordovician period.

During this era, species and creatures in ocean flourished with many different varieties.

But this period ended with some big catastrophic extinction just like how the dinosaurs ended.

3. Silurian period.

During this period, many fishes has evolved to develop movable jaw bones.

And first bony fishes evolved, meanwhile in the land life got started with simple plant trees.

Cooksonia tree

4. Devonian period.

During this period, the world is filled with only fishes, which gave rise to the future four legged ambiphians.

Which is the anscestor for all reptiles and mammals that is going to flourish Earth in coming period.

Credit: DK company who produce awesome visual dictionary.

As you see above is the late devonian period fish.

5. Carboniferous period.

During this period, land was filled with many trees were and insects and spiders were common.

Which was hunted by big amphibians.

Watch out for mosquitoes that was the size of a bird, because the concentration of oxygen is more during this period.

More oxygen more the size of a creature.

Carboniferous animals.
Carboniferous insects.

6. Permian period.

This era saw the dominance of reptile like dinosaurs.

But ended in another catastrophic extinction.

7. Triassic period.

Life recovered slowly from the previous extinction that ended Permian period.

Also many dinosaurs evolved and you can see flying reptiles like pterosaurs also with some mammals.

8. Jurassic period.

This is the period where the dinosaurs had ruled the earth for nearly 100 million years.

And the most popular dinosaur called Tyrannosaur rex evolved at late jurassic period and it was the dominant hunter in the land and terrorised the earth for 3 million years.

Tyrannosaur rex.

9. Cretaceous period.

Only during this period flowering plants evolved and the dinosaurs also evolved into many diversified species.

But this era also ended with catastrophic extinction that destroyed half of the dinosaur species and many plants and animals.

Caudipteryx  .
Caudipteryx one of the species in the cretaceous period.

10. Paleogene period.

A new age, where many mammals and reptiles which escaped the asteroid fall that wiped out those dinosaurs began to roam freely and evolved around the world.

Also it is the beginning of the new ice age.

Cold right?

11. Neogene period.

The cooling climate trend continued during this time also, many modern birds and mammals evolved during this period.

Also one of the ancient human ancestor named Australopithecus evolved and eventually died out leaving their descendants back, which will eventually evolve into hominids.

You can see yourself now!.

Australopithecus afarensis.
Human looks like this during Neogene period.

12. At last quaternary period.

During this period the climate is just like we have now with some area more icy and some place with warmer climate.

Also our legal ancestors called Homo Neanderthals had evolved large brain and migrated to many part of the world.


And after their evolution gradually increased they invented fire and developed many tools started vegetation and colonized their place, these are all happened after this period.


These are all the time line that evolved us, if the asteroid didn’t falled during cretaceous period means dinosaurs would be the dominant creature till now.

We are lucky!. So,

That’s it folks for today!.

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