If Earth stopped spinning on its axis suddenly?

Earth is a massive blue ball that is spinning on its axis causing us days and nights every day.

Also responsible for climate change and winds, tides and temperatures.

So, what would technically happens if our Earth stopped spinning suddenly.

Earth on it’s axis:

Earth is currently spinning at the speed of average 1000 miles per hour.

If this spinning stopped suddenly,

Let’s make an assumption that you are travelling in a bike at the speed of 1000 miles in a empty road,

Suddenly you saw something in front of you, you applied brake to your bike your bike suddenly stopped, but will you be in your seat? Absolutely not!.

You will fly at the speed of 1000 miles per hour in air, this is because of law of inertia.

Eg. If we are travelling at the speed of 50 km/h, suddenly when you apply brake you will move forward at the speed of 50 km/h.

(Just think of when you apply brake suddenly at the speed of 1000 miles per hour).


Same happens in the case of Earth, if it stopped suddenly objects which is not strapped with safety strong straps will fly eastwards at the speed of 1000 miles along with everything around you.

All buildings, your home, your car, even your dog.

Oceans will surge towards poles both north and south, Europe and Russia and china will be under water as well as other countries states.

Wind will reach four time faster than the top speed ever recorded in Earth which is 263 km/h.

Making seven seas into two mega oceans in north and south.

Earth’s equator will bulge vertically, leaving us with mega super continents at the equator.

And our atmosphere will spin at the speed of thousand km/h causing extreme violent weather.


One side of the Earth will always face the sun and other side will be dark.

Regions facing sun will became so hot and eventually turn into desert through erosion.

Regions not facing sun will be dark and cold like poles.

But most importantly the iron core at the centre of the Earth will stumble causing more intense volcanic eruption and also destroying the surface of the Earth.

And, our Earth will lose it’s magnetic field which is protecting us from solar winds from sun carrying harmful ultraviolet Ray’s.

But, it is true that Earth will stop oneday. but, that day will come only after 18 billion years.


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